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  • I consider myself a burger aficionado and this my friends, is the best burger I've ever had. I've had burgers all over North America and a few places in Europe, and this beats them all. I can write a very long review describing the incredible taste of each burger here, but simply put, you won't go wrong here. You'll cry when you're done because you'll want another one, and you'll be too full to have another.

    Irfan K

  • Definitely one of my favourite burger joints in the city. Whenever I'm within walking distance of Kensington Market, I'll start craving a burger. The Atomic Burger is their take on a classic cheeseburger, with a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. However, they do each element so well, that it blows every other cheeseburger I've had out of the water.

    Angel L.

  • Great spot in Kensington Market. If you want a unique and tasty burger joint you have to check this out. The food is really fresh and the burgers are all made in house. Also it is really well priced and worth it if you're in a rush! Lastly, it has killer poutine that you have to try!! You gotta go here for the dopest food!

    Ori M.